Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Solar Cooker Project

Louise Meyer and Patricia McArdle explain to me how the Solar Cookers work. Their websites are www.solarcooking.org , www.she-inc.org , and www.solarcookers.org

Watch up to minute 2:40 and answer the following questions:

  1. Who was "Cookit" developed by?
  2. Where can you get the design from?
  3. What can it cook? How long does it take?
  4. What is it possible to pasteurise? Why is it good to pasteurise it?
  5. What do they use plastic bags, plastic windows from boats

Here's another video with some instructions and even a recipe:

  1. What tools did he use?
  2. How easy or difficult is it to build?
  3. What did he cook? What ingredients did he use?

How about sharing your opinions?

What springs to mind when you hear the word "enviroment"?
What do you think of the solar cooker idea?
Do you have any cool ideas to hep save the enviroment?


  1. Miss:
    About the video of the "Cookit Instructions" I found it, interesting and fresh. Once of the things that cougth my attention was that you can make it in your own house.

    Well, today I read the "Quotation of the Day" and I saw the name "Charlotte Brontë". I wasn´t sure but that name sound me familiar, so I remembered that she had written a book cold "Jane Eyre", with I love!!

  2. Oh, oh, you haven't signed your comment. Anyway, I'm glad you found the video interesting. Many things caught my attention, too.
    As regards Charlotte Brontë, she and her sisters were talented writers and "Jane Eyre" is a wonderful novel.

  3. I found this very interesting because you are not polluting the environment because no gas is spent.
    is gas correct?

    i would like to do this at home but not now because i haven´t got much time. haha..

    see you tomorrow, best wishes


  4. Gas is right, Narella. Yes, it's really ecological.

  5. Miss!!! I´m completely ashamed and very sorry because I did´n singed my comment...

  6. Miss,
    I have seen the video.
    Here are my answers:
    *He uses a pencil, a metre, a pair of sissors, a knife, a non-toxic glue, some plans, a really big cardboard and a foil.

    *I think this invent is easy to build, even though the cardboard can be difficult to get.

    *He cooked chicken and vegetaables. For this, he used: vegetables, frozen vegetables and a chicken.

    *I think we should take care of the enviroment, but I think this is too much... I mean, as an invent, this is really new and it's fantastic, but if we're talking about practical things, this is not practical at all.

    *However (I'm saying this as the paragraph that follows the previous one), I think we SHOULD help the planet. Using solar-energy devices, not having shower with too hot water (the vapor is a greenhouse effect-gas) and walking more or using a bike, can be very good for the planet. If everyone did this, our sons and grandchild could live many years more. But our society is too selfish to be thinking in someone else, even if that "someone" is a relative of them. So, what I think is: if WE don't do something, NO ONE will do it in our place.


  7. Miss, in the first video I COULD NOT UNDERSTAND A THING! And I could not hear very well, so... sorry, but I do not have the answers.


  8. You've worked hard, Mariana. We'll watch it together at school.

  9. Miss, I have already created my e-mail with Gmail.
    You will not belive me, but this coment I have already written about five times. I don´t know why, but when I want to publish it everything disappears!!!!
    I´ll try to write everything like it was.
    I have a problem: I can´t see the first video. Actually, I don´t know exactly which is the problem, but it happens.
    I think that the second video is really strange. I have never seen, that way to cook in my life. I think that it would be an excelent way to use natural things, ex: the sun.
    However, I don´t think that it´s something to do everyday. Once a month would be great.
    Ok, I think that I have written everything that I had written before.
    See you next class...!!!!


  10. Miss, I have already made my Gmail account.
    See you on Thursday!

  11. hi!...

    l have my gmail account too..

    see you miss


    FEDE. =)

  12. Good! We'll work hard tomorrow.

  13. Miss: I had post this a long time ago, the week I didn't go to school, but I don't know why it doesn't appear. Fortunately I had save the answers in a Word's archive :).
    I foud "Solar Cooker Project" interesting and practice, i mean it's ecconomic, and easy to do, but i think it's not very durable.

    Who was "Cookit" developed by?
    -i couldn't catch the name (it is in second 0:22).

    Where can you get the design from?
    -The desing is on the internet.

    What can it cook? How long does it take?
    -it can cook a pot of:
    beans--> 4 hours
    rice-->2 hours
    chicken-->3 hours
    All you need is sun shine.

    What do they use plastic bags, plastic windows from boats
    -i think the devise they use to keep hit in, is the plastic windows from boats, it's amusing and it isn't durable


  14. O.K. Sheila. It's published now!