Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Third and last activity: WANTED

I just read the following activity in Nik's Peachey's blog and thougt it might be interesting to work with it.

You'll have to create a "Wanted" poster with a photo of yours. You can improve your digital pictures and drawings with this collection of easy to use photo effects at this site.

It's really easy to use, you just upload a photograph and then write in your own caption. You can then download and print the images or add them to blogs or web pages.

Here's mine:

Just choose "wanted posters", create yours and download it into your computer.

After that, publish it in your blog and write a fictional story saying why you're being wanted (at least three paragraphs).

Saturday, 11 July 2009


Follow these steps:

  • Click on "customise"
  • Choose "Add a Gadget"
  • A new window will open. From there, click on "Link list"

  • Another window will open. Write the title, copy one of your classmates' url, paste it where it says "New Site URL".
  • Now, where it says "New Site Name", write the name of the blog.
  • Click on "Add link" and repeat the previous point until you finish with all the blogs.
  • Last, click on SAVE.
  • The previous window will appear, click on SAVE once more and it's ready!

In case you haven't been able to do it, post a comment and I'll try to give you further details.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

2nd activity of the first free week: Creating your own comic

Today you will create comic strips using the Make Belief Comix site.

Follow these steps:
  • Wait just a few seconds. You will then see the comic creator. Try to imagine a dialogue. Use your creativity. The comic can have as many pictures as you need.
  • You are ready to create a comic strip.
  • Choose the first character you want to use, click on it. Then scroll through different emotions that you would like them to have by clicking on the red arrows.

  • Once you have the one you want, just click on the person and they will appear in the comic strip. You can drag the person to the position you want them. Add other characters and text balloons for your dialogue.
  • Click on the "talk baloons" or "thought baloons" and move them to the picture. Type the words.
  • Notice you have some tools that will allow you to move the characters.
  • Once you have finished you can print up or email the comic strip to your friends and yourself and keep it as a reminder.

  • I sent an e-mail to myself so that I could get the code of my comic. I received the following:
Marina ( has sent you a Make Beliefs Comix! Click on the link below to see the Make Beliefs Comix that was created for you. If the link below does not work, please copy and paste the address into your browser.

  • Tell us about your experience and copy the link of your comic strip in "comments" so that we can all enjoy it. Here's mine:




Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Introducing oneself (First activity for this free week)

You have already spoken about yourselves in your own blogs and I've enjoyed reading all and each of your introductions.

Don't forget to visit your classmates blogs and leave a comment in each of them. You can find then in the sidebar, on the right.

We will now do a new activity.

Today you will try a new voice tool. Here, you'll be able to listen to my introduction and to other people's as well. You will find paticipants from other countries, too.

You will need a microphone to record your voices.

Once you've listen to everyone, you'll record your own introduction.

Follow these steps:

1st) Click on " ".

2nd) Choose "Take me to the signup page". It is not necessary to complete the optional details column.

3rd) Fill in the required details. Remember: do not write your surname, just your first name. Select a nickname.

4th) If you want to, you can upload a photograph.

5ht) Click on "I agree, sign me in"

6th) You are now ready to record a message! You'll need a microphone, just that.

  • How many people have left messages?
  • Where are they from?
  • What do they do?
Listen to your previous classmates messages and answer them as well. By double-clicking on them you can access to their accounts and leave a message as well.

We are all eager to listen to you!