Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Introducing oneself (First activity for this free week)

You have already spoken about yourselves in your own blogs and I've enjoyed reading all and each of your introductions.

Don't forget to visit your classmates blogs and leave a comment in each of them. You can find then in the sidebar, on the right.

We will now do a new activity.

Today you will try a new voice tool. Here, you'll be able to listen to my introduction and to other people's as well. You will find paticipants from other countries, too.

You will need a microphone to record your voices.

Once you've listen to everyone, you'll record your own introduction.

Follow these steps:

1st) Click on " ".

2nd) Choose "Take me to the signup page". It is not necessary to complete the optional details column.

3rd) Fill in the required details. Remember: do not write your surname, just your first name. Select a nickname.

4th) If you want to, you can upload a photograph.

5ht) Click on "I agree, sign me in"

6th) You are now ready to record a message! You'll need a microphone, just that.

  • How many people have left messages?
  • Where are they from?
  • What do they do?
Listen to your previous classmates messages and answer them as well. By double-clicking on them you can access to their accounts and leave a message as well.

We are all eager to listen to you!


  1. Miss, I've already created my account in Voxopop, but I think my mycrophone doesn't work right, I can't record... I've only listened to your introduction and the teacher form Brazil' one. So please tell me what to do.
    Happy holidays! :)
    Mariana S.

  2. Have you checked if it is plugged in the right place?
    Anyway, I'll post another activity. Why don't you write your answer here, instead of recording it?

  3. Miss do I have to answer the questions in my "record", or I have to write them?


  4. Hi Sheila. You'll have to open your account first. Then, go back to mine and record your introduction there.

  5. Yes, I have already opened it, but my question is that if I have to answer the questions "with my voice", I mean when I record the message, or I write them here?


  6. Just record it with a microphone.

  7. Miss, I can not record a messenge! It said that I have to instal a "plug-in". I had already downloaded it, but it doesn' work.
    As well, I had prepared my introduction. These are my anwsers:

    "Hello...Well, I'm Sheila, i live in Argentina. I'm studiying in this school, since i was i'm fourteen, but in a few days I'll be 15 years old. My english teacher is Marina, and well recording this messenge is one of the activities that she gave us.
    Well, the questions I have to answer are these:
    1- How many people have left messages?
    2- Where are they from?
    3- What do they do?

    8 people have lef a messege
    The first one was you, Marina, an English teacher, from argentina.
    The second one was Carlos, he is an English teacher too, he is from Colombia.
    The next one is Monica from Brazil. She is a sible engeniar , i think.
    The other' Name y Nami, from Brasuk. F. she estudied lenguages.
    The follow one is Heedo kin, she is from Corea, she is studing at the university and wants to be an english teacher in the future.
    The next is patricia. she a sistem analist from argentina.
    The other is Trish, she works in a hospital ...I think she is from Philippines
    And finally there is Mariana, who is my classmate. she is studing in the secondary, and she is from argentina.

    Well, that's all. Good luck. Sheila"

  8. Miss, really I couldn't do this exercise, I'm sorry.
    My microphone is not working well...

  9. Thank you for your comment, Sheila. Yes, it is sometimes difficult to record messages, but it isn't impossible. It requires some patience and, of course, time.

    Miss Marina

  10. In this case, answer here, with a comment. Just as Sheila has done.