Sunday, 1 November 2009


  • Do you suffer from phobias?
  • If so, what's your biggest one?
  • If you don't, have you ever met a person who had a phobia?
Listen to these people:
  • make a list of their phobias
  • comment about it


  1. *Do you suffer from phobias?
    Yes, but i prefer to say that I have only two phobia, because some things disgust me, but nothing more.

    *If so, what's your biggest one?
    My biggest is Claustrophobia and Coulrofobia, can't tolerate it. For example when I take the bus and is full of people(claustrophobia). And Coulrofobia is because I hate and they used to scared me when i was little and now i can't see I start to run!!!

    *If you don't, have you ever met a person who had a phobia?
    Yes, for example Acrophobia, Belonephobia, Aracnophobia, Homophobia.

    *make a list of their phobias
    - Repetition
    - Apoligies
    - Scream

    *comment about it
    It's very funny the video, I can't believe those people!

  2. Hi,
    I was reading my newsletter and saw your blog mentioned. Cute video! Makes one realize that many people have phobias to different things. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you for leaving your comment!


  4. Yes, I have one phobia: to cockroches.
    The are so horrible!!! When I see one, I start shouting as if i were mad... My parents always shut me up when I shout, but I hate them (not my parents =P the cockroches)... They are dirty, ugly, and they are the most horribe insects... I prefer spiders!!! Well, my father has a phobia to spiders. My grandmother hates snakes: she can't stand even watchin them on tv. Once, when she saw one, she fainted =O So that's a serious phobia...

    I'm in a hurry so I can't see the video and comment about it, but I promise to do it in the weekend :)

    See you, kissies!

  5. No, actually I do not have any phobia; and i've never met a person who has any.

    A lot of people are in a "meeting of phobics".
    - The first man who appears in the video has fear of appologies.
    - The woman in black, the first that appears, is afraid of repetitions.
    - The second man that appears, the man in black, is afraid to screams (like: "aahhhg!").
    - The second woman that appears, the woman who has a red blouse, has a "silence' phobia".
    - The last man that appears, the black man, i think is allergic to phobias...

  6. Do you suffer from phobias?
    *Really I don´t suffer from an important phobia; I´m only a little bit scared sometimes of insects... But that´s all...
    If you don't, have you ever met a person who had a phobia?
    * I never had met a person that suffer that much of something to consider it a phopia...

    ^About the video, the first time I saw it, I though it was very strange... How can imagine that exist person which phobias like those...
    Although I like it...
    I don´t know what to say...
    Well Miss I hope you´re fine, see you tomorrow.

    Kisses Macarena

  7. -Do you suffer from phobias?
    Not really

    -If not, have you ever met a person who had a phobia?
    I have never met someone who has a phobia

    About the Video:
    1st Man: He has a phobia to apollogies
    1st Woman: She has a phobia to repetitions
    2nd Man: He has a phobia to the screams
    2nd Woman: She has a phobia to silence
    3rd Man: As sheila said i think he's allergic to phobias


  8. Here are my answers to tha phobias in the video:

    1st man: apologies.
    1st woman: apologies.
    2nd man: screams.
    2nd woman: silence.
    3rd man: I didn't catch that, but, as Sheila and Matias, I think he's allergic to other people's phobias...

    Well, that's all.
    See you on Tusday, miss!!

  9. Sorry, the 1st woman is scared of repetitions, I repeated the word apologies hahaha...

  10. Miss, I see that I´m the last one to leave a comment.
    Fortunately, I do not suffer from any phobia.
    Yes, I have met a lot of peple who suffer from phobias. A person that I know suffers from phobia to the buttons (the ones that goes in a shirt or sth like that).

    About the video: It´s really fun!!!! And the situation too, because it´s strange to be in a "party" with a lot of people that suffer from phobias. Everyone must be carefull about
    people´s phobias.

    The first man´s phobia: apologies
    The first woman´s phobia: repetitions
    The second man´s phobia: aagh! (screams)
    The second woman´s phobia: silence
    The third man´s phobia: (I don´t know)