Saturday, 12 September 2009

Sharing photos

After a wonderful trip to San Pedro, I imagine you have lots of pictures and anecdotes to share.

I invite you to publish them in your blogs!

  1. Visit this site:
  2. Open an account by clicking on "register"
  3. Start creating.You can choose different effects, colours and styles for your pictures and  you can also add music.
  4. Once it is ready, get the embedding code and post together with a description. (I've done one)
  5. If at the moment of publishing your post, they show you an "alert" saying that there's an error, click on "Stop showing HTML errors for the body of this post" and click on publish the post again.


I prepared this presentation from my last summer holidays. They're pictures from Los Reyunos, in San Rafael, Mendoza.
Los Reyunos is a dam on the Diamante river; the dam is used to generate hydroelectricity. This is done in a power station located below the level of the reservoir.
Los Reyunos Fishing and Nautical Club, along with private summer residences and a hotel, lies on the western shore of the reservoir and serves as a base for activities in the lake (such as windsurf, canoeing) and in the surrounding mountains (such as hiking).

The landscape is unbelievably beautiful and it invites you to relax!

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